Music comes from the heart
but then speaks new words back to it...

My name is Rooshie and I am a singer and so-called bedroom producer from the Czech Republic.

I discovered mobile and iOS music production in the summer of 2022 thanks to Koala Sampler, which I used on my phone. Shortly after I was introduced to the Koala Creative Community, an international group of people, who make music together and learn from each other. I came here as a complete beginner and learned everything here.

I love to learn, experiment and play.  My goal is to inspire others by sharing this process. So you won't find only polished, perfect videos and tracks on my socials. I want to be real and encourage others that they can start doing what they love and that not being perfect is normal and can be fun :)

My creation is based on experimentation and improvisation. Music is a means of expressing myself, so all the songs I make reflect what I'm currently going through or thinking about. The visual part is also very important to me. I want my videos to be audiovisual works of art. I use myself as means of art, I am the best material because I can't offend myself :D

I only use my iPad or phone for my work. I want to show that we don't need anything extra to be creative, you can start creating immediately! I enjoy making the process of creating unnecessarily complicated - making my own sounds, using a sampler as a looper, not wanting help from anyone (like a three year old "I'll do it myself!") and so on :D Nowadays we have many tools that can make creating easier, but... Where then is the creative process in which all those emotions can flow? 


I Didn't Know I Needed You

What I can offer


If you want to collab or want me to sing on your song, just drop me a line and we can work something out :)  


Creating a piece of music for you

I can create a jingle for your podcast, background music for your video, live music for your event (in the Czech Republic) or some instrumentals for your track. 


Exclusive Patreon content

A funny docutorual of Jakob Haq about BLEASS Voices that I demonstrated, you'll also learn quite a lot about me here :D

An interview where you'll find out how I came to electronic music and music in general and how I use Koala Sampler.

An interview in Czech language about both my music creations - the electronic one and the funny one for the kids.

An improvised live performance for the Czech channel I made the interview for.

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